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Official Response to Media Story Regarding Accusations by Terminated Employee

Official Response to Media Story
Regarding Accusations by Terminated Employee

(Friday, April 24, 2020; Dededo, Guam) Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) is issuing an official statement regarding accusations made by a former employee about violations to the hospital’s COVID visitation policy:

On March 27, 2020, GRMC issued a press release that clarified the suspension of all visitation in response to Executive Order 2020-05, mandating social distancing to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. One of the few exceptions to GRMC’s COVID visitation policy was for visitors who had been pre-approved for patients who are critically ill or on comfort care.

All GRMC press releases are shared with staff, especially managers who are required to implement the content, particularly as it applies to policies, and inform their staff. As manager of our Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Mr. Brandon Bayley should have been well aware of the policy allowing pre-approved visitors for critically ill patients.

Regarding the visitor in question, it was the patient’s primary care physician, who requested permission to see him in the ICU. As a professional courtesy, GRMC routinely gives permission to and encourages private physicians to visit their patients who are admitted. GRMC vetted the request at the highest level and it was approved. There was nothing inappropriate in approving this request nor did it violate any of GRMC’s current visitation policies.

The patient’s wife was kept well-informed of all procedures and processes during the entirety of her husband’s care. However, she specifically asked her husband’s primary doctor to visit him to further reassure the family. Prior to entering the patient’s room, the doctor was screened, conferred with the attending physician and donned appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the safety of the patient.

“My family and I are grateful for the lifesaving care my husband received at GRMC. The staff and management took good care of my husband during his stay at the hospital. We were always updated about his condition. The nurses were very kind and compassionate. I am glad that my husband’s private physician was allowed to visit him. It brought us solace and comfort to know our family doctor was there for him,” said the patient’s wife.

GRMC does not comment on issues that violate patient privacy, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Nor is it our policy to comment on personnel issues. However, due to the false and irresponsible claims made by a disgruntled former manager, who should have known and understood the current visitation policy, we felt it our duty to issue a statement reassuring the community that GRMC remains proactive in ensuring the safety of everyone who comes to our hospital.

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