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Detail about our service
Bone and Joint Center

About Our Orthopedic Department

Among the procedures offered:

  • Total Knee Joint Replacements
  • Total Hip Joint Replacements
  • Knee Arthroscopy for Torn Meniscus

Treatments offered:

  • Arthritis
  • Extremity Fractures
  • Joint Injections, etc.

The GRMC Orthopedic Department mends broken bones, patches up torn ligaments and heals bruised muscles.  When surgery becomes necessary, we often practice minimally invasive procedures like arthroscopy which involves the use of a thin, flexible fiber-optic scope, inserted through a small incision, in order to diagnose and treat conditions affecting joints. It ensures a quicker recovery and a shorter hospital stay.

Our Orthopedic Department is led by Dr. Carmelino Galang. Before coming to GRMC he spent 10 years on the Orthopedic Staff at San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp California.  He has also served on the orthopedic staffs at Kaiser Permanente in Honolulu, the VA Medical Center in Hampton Virginia, and the Littleton Regional Hospital in Littleton New Hampshire.

We practice both surgical and non-surgical techniques, not every condition requires an operation.  Sometimes physical therapy is all that is needed.  Working together with our orthopedic surgeon, the physical therapy team will devise a comprehensive treatment plan to correct a condition, or help a patient recover from a physical impairment. Therapies are tailored to your needs, in order to help reduce pain and improve mobility to muscles and limbs after a stroke, disease or accident.

Our Doctors

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