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Occupational Therapy

Detail about our service
Rehabilitation Center

About Our Occupational Therapy Services

Treatments & Training

  • Re-training of everyday skills ( Activities of daily living, self-care hygiene, etc)
  • Learning and practicing skills for school and work
  • Cognitive training/exercises
  • Manual and creative exercises
  • Treatment for hand injuries or post-surgery
  • Treatment for orthopedic injuries involving the arms, hands and shoulders
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries or disabilites of the arms, hands, shoulders
  • Sequential exercises for developmental disabilities in children

Occupational therapy is a treatment or service focusing on improving people’s ability to perform tasks which a person may want or need to do in their daily lives.  It aims to improve quality of life as it provides treatments for persons who have acquired a disability or injury or are recovering from a medical event or surgery. 

This service centers on adapting a person’s environment so it better suits them and the things they may want and needed to do.  Occupational therapy provides services for people of all ages, with one-third of this being children.

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