(Wednesday, July 31, 2019; Dededo, Guam) Guam Regional Medical City is celebrating its fourth anniversary this month. Activities include commemoration of its longest running outreach program, Walk with GRMC. The weekly fitness program takes place on Thursdays at 10 AM in the Micronesia Mall center court and is open to the public for no charge.

The event begins with a series of warm up exercises followed by a brisk walk both upstairs and downstairs, through every nook and cranny of the mall, and ends with a series of cool down exercises led by GRMC’s Marketing & Communications Manager Chalorna Lauron. The course of the walk is equal to roughly one mile. The participants range in age from their early 20s all the way to one special participant in her 90s and the low impact exercises are easy for all age groups.

“I really enjoyed myself walking with our participants,” said Executive Vice President and COO, Alan Funtanilla, who joined Walk with GRMC on Thursday, July 25, “They are a lively group and you can tell they have formed deep friendships over the last four years as part of Walk with GRMC.”

GRMC would like to extend a special thank you to their walkers, many of whom have been with them from the beginning, and to the Micronesia Mall who have graciously hosted the event for four years.  The next Walk with GRMC takes place on Thursday, August 1st at 10 AM at the Micronesia Mall Center Court.