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GRMC Introduces the MD SHInE Program

(Monday, July 2, 2018) Guam Regional Medical City will launch its MD Summer Hospital Internship Experience (SHInE) Program on Monday, July 2, 2018. The MD SHInE Program allows students interested in a career in medicine the chance to follow a doctor in real time at GRMC and participate in other opportunities at the hospital during the two-week program. This is GRMC’s first session and a second is scheduled for July 16 – 27, 2018.

The participants will be exposed to most fields of medicine practiced at GRMC during their shadow experience and will have sessions in the laboratory and radiology departments. Other educational workshops are planned that will also assist participants in their medical journey.

“Deciding to pursue a career in health care depends on many factors. As a former member of the Admissions Committee for the University of Washington School of Medicine, I learned that one of the key attributes of an applicant was his or her demonstration of their exposure to the medical field. There is no substitute for the experience one may gain from directly shadowing a physician,” said Chief Medical Officer Felix T. Cabrera, M.D., “This is also an avenue for them to learn about the variety of other health professionals who work together on the patient’s team.”

The MD SHInE Program is open to college/pre-med, undergraduate, and newly graduated students and high school students age 18 years and older. The participants were selected after submitting an application which included an essay answering, “Why you would be interested in the GRMC’s MD SHInE Program?”

The deadline to apply for the next MD SHInE Program is Friday, July 10, 2018.

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