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GRMC Recognizes Betty Ann Buentipo as the 2024 DAISY Award Honoree

(Friday, June 7, 2024; Dededo, Guam) Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) proudly honored Betty Ann Buentipo as the recipient of the 2024 DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Award during its 4th annual ceremony held at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort on Friday, May 10, 2024. The DAISY Award acknowledges exceptional nurses who have made a profound impact on their patients’ lives. This year’s award was presented to Betty Ann Buentipo, a dedicated registered nurse in the Emergency Department (ED).

The DAISY Awards ceremony, hosted by Shanice Poe from Hit Radio 100, was attended by nominees, guests, GRMC’s executive team, clinical and non-clinical staff, and esteemed judges, including Speaker and Senator Therese Terlaje, Zennia C. Pecina from the Guam Board of Nurse Examiner, Jennifer Cruz, GRMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, and Chloe Mortes, the 2023 Daisy Award Honoree.

Betty Ann Buentipo’s selection as the honoree was the result of voting by her colleagues, patients, their families, and the judging panel. Judges made their decision based solely on the nominees’ stories. Betty Ann’s exceptional dedication touched the lives of three individuals who nominated her, praising her compassionate care and unwavering commitment.

  1. Singeo & Family shared, “On behalf of my family & I, we would like to take this moment to nominate Nurse Betty Ann for this prestigious Daisy Award. She always treated her patients as if they were her own family, going the extra mile to provide comfort, support, and personalized care. Her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve and make patients feel like they were in trusted hands is truly commendable.”

J.Sagpao shared, “Betty Ann stands out for her exceptional compassion, unwavering attention to patients’ and families’ needs, integrity in her straightforward approach, and profound understanding of medical necessities.”

The Michael family finally adds, “But Nurse Betty didn’t just see her as another patient; she treated her like a cherished friend she had known for years. Every day, she made it her mission to check on my aunt and ensure she was comfortable, going above and beyond her job duties. To Nurse Betty, our family’s gratitude knows no bounds. You were not just doing a job; you were living a calling, touching lives with your compassion and making your patient feel like they mattered. Thank you for being my aunt’s guardian angel and for reminding her that even in the toughest times, there are still caring souls like you who make a difference in the world.”

Betty Ann began her career at GRMC’s Emergency Department (ED) in August 2015. Over the past 8 years and 9 months, she has held various positions, including ED Manager, Director of Quality, Patient Safety & Infection Prevention, and currently serves as House Supervisor/Registered Nurse.

During her opening speech, GRMC Chief Nursing Officer, Jennifer Cruz, touched upon the significance and esteem associated with the DAISY Awards. She remarked, “Nursing transcends mere profession; it’s a calling—a vocation to serve and support those in need. The nurses being honored today have exemplified this through their unwavering dedication to their patients, their willingness to go above and beyond, and their compassionate approach to healthcare.”

GRMC CEO, Dr. Alexander “Beau” Wielaard, extended his appreciation and congratulations to all nominees and this year’s recipient. He stated, “Our nurses form the steadfast foundation of our patient care services. Aligning with the theme of this year’s National Nurses Week, Nurses Make the Difference,  you have truly made an impactful difference. I take pride in collaborating with individuals like you—dedicated and committed to fulfilling our promise of caring for the communities we serve.”

As the 2024 DAISY Award recipient, Betty Ann Buentipo received several honors, including a certificate, a DAISY Award pin, a hand-carved serpentine stone from Zimbabwe, a Spotlight feature on the DAISY website and GRMC’s social media, eligibility for reduced tuition at the Chamberlain University College of Nursing, and more. Betty Ann concluded the ceremony by cutting a gigantic cinnamon bun cake, specially prepared by the Dusit Thani Guam Resort staff.

There were (41) forty-one registered nurses who were nominated for the DAISY Award. The nominees were: Raven Agapao (Med-Tele); Richard Alvarez (Med-Tele); Irene Astillero (Med Tele); Catherine Ballesteros (Med-Tele); Christine Bell (Infusion); Liezlle Bordios (Infusion); Betty Ann Buentipo (Emergency); Katie Collier (Infusion); Kristine Conde (Nursing Admin); Daniel Crosby (Anesthesia); Bernice Cruz (Nursing Admin); Anna De Belen (Rad-Onc); Clifford Del Mundo (OR); Kimwell Dimatatac (Med-Surg); Rizalina Fernandez (Specialty); Christine Kaye Gabo (Med-Surg); Alyssa Gajo (Med-Surg); Vanessa Garcia (OR); Raziel Harayo (Med-Surg); Tiah Harkins (Med-Tele); Rosemarie Kamiya (PACU); Sunyoung Lim (Infusion); Analyn Madriaga (Med-Surg); Summer Medler (Rad-Onc); Laura Morrison-Schone (PACU); Jamaica Munch (Med-Tele); Mary Mae Olayan (Cath Lab); Kaey Pallera (HR-Employee Health); Roehl Panlasigui (Med-Surg); Anna Pardue (Med-Tele); Maedelle Pascua (Med-Surg); Kristina Pasion (ICU); Gabrielle Perez (Med-Surg); Jeeyhe Reyes (ICU); Nicole Reyes (ICU); Owen Roallos (Med-Tele); Angelica Rodriguez Ariza (Infusion); Joanna Sunga (Infusion); Shanease-Marie Tudela (ICU); Shawnee Wills (Med-Tele); and Janine Wolf (Emergency).

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