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GRMC Announces its 2022 Physician Partners Choice Awardee

(Friday, April 14, 2023; Dededo, Guam) Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) announced its 2022 Physician Partners Choice Awardee at the hospital’s 2nd floor mezzanine on Friday, March 31, 2023. Each year, the GRMC community selects a physician within the hospital who best embodies GRMC’s iCARE values: integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect, and empathy. This year’s awardee is Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Michele Yamamoto.

The announcement of Dr. Yamamoto’s selection was revealed with a pull-down banner of her photo during the Physician Partners Choice Awards (PPCA), which was attended by several staff and physicians. The award was presented to Dr. Yamamoto by GRMC President & CEO, Alan Funtanilla; Chief Human Resources Officer, Charlotte Huntsman; Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alexander “Beau” Wielaard; and Medical Staff Support Manager, Jennifer Sevilla.

Upon accepting the award, Dr. Yamamoto says, “I’d like to accept this award on behalf of all of the physicians who have chosen to devote time on Guam, to expand their career, and to help other people. This is not just me. Dr. Agustin and I always say, ‘we are able to do what we are able to do, because of everyone around us.’” She continues to express gratitude to her colleagues and all support staff. She continues, “We thank everyone who so chooses to work on Guam, and in healthcare, during the times that it feels like a thankless job. Thank you. This is a big responsibility.”

Colleagues and staff proceeded to share their sentiments about Dr. Yamamoto.

Dr. Wielaard shared, “[Dr. Yamamoto] has been with us since the beginning. She is one of the core members of the team. I think it’s absolutely appropriate that she would win this award. She completely embodies the values of the organization; she’s one of the driving forces and visionaries here [at GRMC]. I can’t thank her enough for her contributions.”

Chief of Staff Dr. Edison Manaloto said, “If we look at our slogan in terms of, we treat patients like family, you always ask yourself a basic question: if you were a patient or your family member is a patient, who would you want taking care of them?” He continues, “As physicians, we ask ourselves that same question: ‘Would I entrust my family- would I entrust myself and my life to these physicians?’ And it’s a resounding ‘yes’ for Dr. Yamamoto”.

Alan Funtanilla shared, “It comes to us as no surprise. The essence of an ideal physician is truly embodied by Dr. Y[amamoto].” Funtanilla continues, “Dr. Yamamoto exhibits- I’m sure- why she went to medical school and into the medical profession, and it is the love for people. She has heart; she has compassion; she offers ideas and suggestions on how to do better as a hospital and as an organization. And Dr. Y[amamoto], we thank you, on behalf of the senior executives and the entire GRMC family. Guam is fortunate to have you, Dr. Agustin, and all our physicians, for all the work that you do, day in and day out. Thank you for the excellence and the love that you give us every single day.”

Dr. Michele Yamamoto, who has been with GRMC since 2016, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, and infections in the immunocompromised host. She has established and continues to run GRMC’s Outpatient Antimicrobial Program Therapy (OPAT), the viral Hepatitis Clinic, as well as the GLID Clinic with Dr. Agustin.

This marks GRMC’s second year of hosting the Physician Partners Choice Awards. The previous PPCA recipient (2021) was Dr. Agustin, who is the Director of Pulmonary and Director of the GLID Clinic.


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