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GRMC Adjusts Its Visiting Guidelines for PCOR 3

(Monday, February 22, 2021; Dededo, Guam) Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) will be relaxing its visitation guidelines effective Tuesday, February 23, 2021 in response to Guam transitioning into PCOR 3. The new PCOR 3 visitation guidelines will affect GRMC units in the following way:

Inpatient Visitation

Inpatients are allowed two visitors during the patient’s one-hour assigned visitation period. There will be no rotation of the two visitors with other people during this timeframe. No visitation extensions will be granted.

GRMC reminds inpatient visitors that visitation times are pre-assigned for each room. If visitors do not know the patient’s assigned time, they should contact Customer Relations at 645-5500.

Comfort Care Patients

Patients on comfort care will be allowed no more than four visitors during visiting hours. Children are allowed to visit but must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years and above. No rotation of guests will be allowed.

Intensive Care Unit

ICU patients are allowed one hour of visitation per day. The visitation time for each patient will be pre-assigned. There may be two visitors during that hour, but no rotation of visitors is allowed.

Emergency Department (ED)

Adult ED patients will be allowed only one (1) visitor per patient for 30 minutes. Patients who are minors (up to age 18) may have one parent or guardian, age 18 and above, with them at all times. One adult visitor may stay with patients who have special needs. ED patient’s companions will be asked to leave contact information and wait in their vehicles. There will be no visitation allowed between 7 am – 8 am and 7 pm – 8 pm.


Patients with appointments at Specialty Clinics are allowed one companion only if they require assistance due to a disability or mobility issues.

Outpatient Surgery

Surgical patients are allowed one designated companion who may wait in the 2nd floor lobby while the procedure is ongoing. Companions who do not wish to wait, may give their contact information to OR staff and be notified when the patient’s procedure is finished.


Viewing at the morgue is limited to two hours and up to 10 people may attend, including children. Family members will not be allowed to alternate with other family members during the viewing period. Visitors to the morgue must enter through the Main entrance. After getting a badge from Customer Relations, visitors will be escorted to the morgue by a Security guard.

Visitors will not be allowed to roam to other areas of the hospital except for Boka City located in the lower level and City Café, the ATM, gift shop, and vending machines located on the first floor. Food is not allowed inside of patient rooms.

To ensure your safety, everyone entering GRMC is required to pass a mandatory Security screening, wear approved mask at all times, and practice social distancing. Mask with valves are not approved.  Mandatory Security screenings include temperature and symptom checks, wanding, and a search of all bags.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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