Electronic or digital copies of free education materials developed in-house.

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In-facility use of online medical library of more than 2,000 patient education sheets from LexiComp Online and UpToDate.

These databases meet The Joint Commission’s requirements on plain language use, reading level of 5th grade and below, and language translations.

You will be able to browse health information databases from LexiComp Online and UpToDate through the computers assigned for public use in the Patient and Family Education Resource Room.

Contact our Patient Educators below to receive a copy of education sheets. Please be ready to provide the health topic of your interest.

These are multimedia programs from EmmiEngage which delivers educational content through the web to each of the patient’s rooms, their personal devices (like smartphone, tablet, laptop), or in their home computer.

Contact our Patient Educators below to receive an access code for the education videos. Please be ready to provide the health topic of your interest.

To view a listing of educational videos available in different languages, please click here.

Class is facilitated by patient educator with topics ranging from diabetes, heart failure, tobacco cessation, cancer, and to anything of interest to patients and their families. Regular sessions will be held in our facility for chronic disease topics, while off-site teaching may be conducted upon request and availability of Patient Educators. Pre- and post-test assessment plus an evaluation of the class will also be done to ensure a positive outcome of the teaching session.

For more details, contact our Patient Educators on the information below.

Tobacco Cessation:

Chronic Disease
Self-Management Program:

This is a face-to-face individualized teaching wherein in-patient referrals are made via EHR, or directly from physicians, nursing, social work and other members of the healthcare team. Outpatient referrals from physicians who are affiliated with the hospital will also be accommodated.

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Directory of external or community resources that can potentially communicate and disseminate patient education information and activities.

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Information may be print materials or multimedia programs in language other than English, or access to a qualified medical interpreter.

For more details, contact our Patient Educators on the information below.

Communication Charts

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Tune in to Channel 951, our in-facility broadcast of educational videos ranging from disease information, treatment options and prevention tips.

It is where staff, patients and their families can find reliable, accurate and relevant information and resources they need to help them better understand their health.

The Patient and Family Education Resource Center will house print health information materials, model displays about diseases, link to interpreter services and access to technology-based resources such as digital medical library, videos and other web-based multimedia programs. Currently located on the 1stfloor of the hospital, it also serves as a venue for small advocacy group meetings and presentations.

The contents of the Communication Chart are for informational and communication purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, or replace the need for a certified in-person and/or voice-over translator or medical interpreter. In an effort to establish accuracy of translation, the contents herein were developed by a Native speaker and/or verified using interpreter services from a qualified translation company.

Available in 4 Languages:


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Patients/Family and Healthcare Providers

Who we are

Guam Regional Medical City’s patient and family education program is here to help improve your experience of care. Through a team-based approach, we will ensure that most of your health questions are answered and learning needs met whether you are an inpatient, outpatient, family member, friend or visitor.

How we can help you

When providing educational services, our patient and family education program will respect the local cultures and needs in Guam and Micronesia region. We provide the right health information that will help you:

  • Understand more about your health and illness
  • Understand your treatment choices
  • Help you make better decisions about your health and those close to you
  • Communicate better with your healthcare providers

What we offer

  • Print education materials
  • One-on-one teaching
  • Education videos
  • Exclusive in-hospital patient education channel
  • Group classes
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management
  • Link to community resources
  • Locate information in language other than English
  • Access to reliable website health information