The GRMC Institutional Review Board


The GRMC Institutional Review Board

Guam Regional Medical City has established an Institutional Review Board [IRB] to approve and monitor all clinical research programs carried out under the auspices of GRMC.

The principal goal of an IRB is to protect those who participate in clinical research trials from any possible physical or psychological harm. Clinical research trials could involve testing of a new drug, a medical device or therapy.

The GRMC IRB is responsible for assessing the ethics of the proposed research and its methods, and ensuring that those who agree to take part are voluntary participants and have been fully informed about the risks and potential benefits of the research.

Applications for clinical research approval from the GRMC IRB can be made by qualified on or off island health professionals by emailing

The GRMC IRB is officially registered with the Office for Human Research Protection [OHRP] within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It has been assigned the IRB organization [IORG] number of IORG0008941.

The registration is available for inspection at:

IRBs are governed by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations which define the rules and responsibilities for institutional review. IRB approval is required for all research that receives support, directly or indirectly, from the federal government.   

Six members affiliated with GRMC:

SHAY, Scott (M.D.) (CHAIR)
Director Interventional Neuro-Radiology/ Radiology, GRMC

YOUNG, Melliza (M.D.) (VICE CHAIR)
Manager, Patient Education, GRMC

ALAM, Lawrence (B.A., B.S.)
Cancer Prevention and Control Program Coordinator

ROY, Gary (B.S., R. Ph)
Director of Pharmacy, GRMC

PEREZ, Maria Isabel (B.S., MPA)

Manager, International Patient Services, GRMC

HANDLEY, Monte (B.S., AS, MS)
Chief Privacy Officer, GRMC

One unaffiliated member:

WHITE, Agnes (BSN, R.N.)
Certified Diabetes Educator
Mountain Pacific Quality Health

Two alternative member:

ALDAN, Jessica (AS)
Manager, Health Information Management, GRMC

OSHIRO, Darian (Pharm. D.)
Pharmacist, GRMC